Saturday, 9 November 2013


Running my business has all of a sudden become incredibly full on. As Christmas approaches I have been receiving portrait bookings all week long. This is of course all very wonderful but it also means I don't get much time to be with the family on the weekends or with the hubby in the evenings as I am constantly busy dealing with a lot of admin work...I need a secretary! Who knew! I have come pretty far. It really has been an amazing last 12 months being my own boss and doing what I love and am so proud of where I am right now. Thank you little spark of inspiration, I am so glad I listened to you.

I have finally upgraded my camera and could not be more grateful for the 12 months my old camera has given me.  It's still going strong but it's time to get something a little faster and more Pro and use my old Canon as a backup. I will be getting a new portrait lens soon too. I want to keep focusing on this as I finally I feel I know where I'm supposed to be; this all just makes sense. I have craved for so long to delve into something artistic and here I am doing just that. How many people get to say they are truly doing what they love?? Sure there are times when I think I'm not making enough money and need that full time job whatever it is. But do I really want to go back there? Is that really me? Maybe one day I might not have the choice but right now, while we can (more or less) afford for me to stay at home with the kids and for me to run my own business in its early stages, well it feels blooming amazing. And I thank my husband for supporting us all throughout. He is my rock in so many ways. I hope you know how much I love you A.

There's a lot of competition out there I know, but I've not been feeling as intimidated about it as when I started out. With every passing experience the more confident and secure within myself I have been feeling about my work and future. I have created my own style. I have put a mark on my work. The Tamsin mark. It is me and mine alone. I have had an overwhelming response which to me has spoken volumes, and not just from friends and family but clients calling me up to tell me how much they loved my photos; and with every client, 2 or 3 new ones appear! I'm not making mega bucks but that's to be understood, my company is still a baby and I can only work on certain days but that's fine, to me just making a bit of extra money at the moment means so much. But I hope that starts to change soon as I concentrate more and more on this venture of mine. It is hard though of course.. still juggling life as a stay at home mother during the week and getting everything done that's associated with the responsibilities of a mother of two, running errands, cooking, entertaining energetic little ones...sometimes it feels as though that part of my life is never ending but knowing that I have something else that is purely mine that I can work on in my own time, that is making me my own money,  helping me become better at what I do, developing so many new skills and of course becoming a true artist...  all on top of the demands of being a full time mum, well I think that's pretty amazing. Don't you? :)

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