Thursday, 29 August 2013

Stay Forever Now

Nothing lasts forever. But right now, in this moment in time, it doesn't feel like that. It's as though this is how it'll always be. The sun in our hair, sprawled out on the grass on one of many lazy, hot Santiago afternoons, the sun beating down, the kids happily playing, lost in their worlds, talking, shrieking, laughing; their giggles mingling with birdsong; it feels as though this is how it will always be, my babies, such babies...who come to me for hugs, for kisses, for soothing their "owow's"....their little bodies jumping, climbing, scrambling, falling over clumsily....this life. This simple stay at home life of mine - how can it be anything other? Where only the simple pleasures matter and are truly felt with the heart.  Where my time with my kids is long and exhausting but worth every tiring minute of  it.

But for how much longer? I can already hear the winds of change in motion....nothing lasts forever; I know that but sometimes I wish some things would.

I wish I could scoop up my sweet babes and this phase of our lives for always and forever.

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K T Cat said...

Such a beautiful post. God bless you. I hope this joy continues and grows. It did with me. I loved my children and found I loved them more as they got older.