Thursday, 13 June 2013

Back Again

It's been a long long while since I have written in this blog. To be honest, I haven't missed it all that much, I've been far too immersed in this busy Stay-at-Home-Mum-Running-a-Business Thing to focus on much else really. My days are non stop chaotic blurs of running around after toddlers, catering for their needs, running errands, organising photo sessions, editing photos and doing all the other admin associated with it. Life is crazy!  I certainly didn't expect for my photography business to do so well and am positively thrilled but it has also been a very exhausting month for me. But hey..I shouldn't complain! Life is stressful yes but it is also very rewarding both for me as a mum, watching my two grow, witnessing so many changes in them over the months..and as a new professional photographer...if I'm allowed to call myself that, I'm still not sure. What I do know is that I'm doing well, people seem to love my work and I've had many bookings, that to me speaks volumes! You can check my Facebook page here:

Tom will be two in just under two weeks! How he's grown. He's now talking a lot more and letting his emotions show in all situations. A very strong little character just like his sister. Maia loves going to nursery and is a wonderful big sister to Tom. They hug each other, walk hand in hand, play together wonderfully (most of the time) and are just an utter delight to watch!

Hoping to write a little more consistently again...

Much love.


Rachel Adnyana said...

Good to see you back :) I know how hard it is to juggle a business along with 2 young kids - blogging goes out of the window! Looking forward to reading your posts again :)

Tamsin Sibylla Michelle said...

Thanks Rachel, good to know I still have some readers out there. Hope all is well with you and your two little ones!! xxx