Monday, 24 June 2013

And Soon My Boy You'll be Two..

I don't think I've ever experienced time whizzing me by as much as I have within these last few years.

When newborns turn into crawling babies who turn into toddlers who then turn into talking little boys & girls...all in such a short amount of time. You look back and it's just such a gigantic huge piece of experience you take in, in one giant gulp. So many changes, so many nappy changes (ha!), so many tantrums, so many sleepless nights, so much JOY, so many milestones....I try my best and capture it all as many times as I can, lucky for me this is my hobby/profession right now and my camera rarely leaves my side! :) And boy will be two this Wednesday! My 2,4kg preemie boy who scared us when he first arrived into this world...would he, at 35 weeks be ok? Would his lungs be mature enough to handle the outside world? Was everything going to be ok? Lucky for all of us, he was only a little jaundiced and after 3 days under the UV light he came home to us. My tiny, skinny little boy. Who I cradled next to me in the big double bed and cluster breast fed throughout the long winter nights until he finally started to put on that long awaited baby fat and turned into a chubby little fella indeed!

Our delicious little boy with those gorgeous puppy dog blue eyes....who has the most terrible tantrums but who also gives us the best kisses and cuddles...

Looking forward to giving you a great big birthday kiss this week. You're the best son & little brother we could ever wish for. We LOVE YOU!

We celebrated his birthday a little early at the in-laws house in ViƱa


Lindsay said...

Mine turned two this past Saturday -- I've been a sentimental mess since!

Beautiful photos. <3

MsXpat said...

Now that's a CAKE :0) Stopping by from expat posts on A Mum In London.