Saturday, 23 February 2013

And before we knew, you were no longer Two...

Not long now and this little, or rather not so little girl of ours will be three. Three incredible years have passed since that night where the moon was full and my heart was heavy with the passing of my sister. But you made it all amazing you know. That first cry, the feeling of your newborn skin against mine, the utter amazement and shock at seeing you, not really quite taking in what had just happened. Your birth. The light that suddenly surrounded us all. It was all so very surreal, losing one life, gaining another...

Those first weeks and months just passed us by like a incredibly exciting but sleepless time...and all the while this whole new emotion accompanied us, this new amazing love I had never felt before.

And then you grew, and grew. And our tiny baby turned into a toddler...who is slowly turning into a little girl.

Oh little girl, you never stop (in fact as I type you are now running and screaming to and fro with your little brother)...your energy is overwhelming at the best at times but I know it's all good. You love life! You have an insatiable thirst for everything around you; diving head first into most situations. You love people, animals, nature, arty things. Your passion for life is contagious and you make friends easily wherever you go. Children seem to love your energy, they can sense your zest for this universe we live in and that makes me so proud. Today you giggled so much as you ran around the park with a new little friend, chasing him, being chased, with a huge smile on your face; little giggles erupting from you like beautiful bubbles...

I love watching you love life and I am loving watching you grow.

Looking forward to celebrating the big 3 with you!
With love,
Mami xxx

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