Saturday, 5 January 2013

And On To 2013 We Go..

Happy New Everyone! We had a quiet affair as we always do, the kids went to bed early and the husband cooked a delicious meal and we sat outside in the cool night air with our champagne bottle at the ready awaiting the loud firework display of the city. Long gone are the days where I would spend hours getting ready for a wild and crazy night on the town..good memories of course but I am loving the quieter life now.

2012 was a year of inner revelations. A year of things slowly making more sense to us. Of where we'd like to be. Of what is important to us. Our friends. Our dreams. Our future plans. I finally earned my wings and got my driving license. I have never felt this free! I started my own little business in November and feel so proud of myself - for juggling being a full time mother and working - doing what I absolutely adore! And how lucky am I to be able to be with my kids all day long AND  earn money  doing something that is 100% me. Being creative and making people happy. I feel very blessed. I look forward to learning so much more in 2013. 

Our babies are growing up, learning more about the world around them; Tom is more vocal than ever before - his big words now are swimming pool, orange and biscuit (but I think only mum can truly decipher those). Maia has been in her Montessori nursery since September where she was put in the older kids classroom alongside 3-4 year olds. To our surprise and amazement, she was potty trained in about a day or two. We have been feeling very accomplished!

Maia and Tom also play so beautifully together now, well most of the time anyway. They look for each other when one is out of sight. They kiss, hold hands and giggle delightfully together. They are my absolute pride and joy. 

2012 has made me so grateful for all that we have in our lives. It has made us realise what is important to us. How not to compare our lives to others; we are all on our own independent journeys, it is our own road that we need to focus on. It is our own blessings we ought to be grateful for. However great and small. 2012 hasn't all been plain sailing, the road has been rocky at the best of times but we have always wandered along those rocks with eyes wide open; learning, taking all experiences in, aware of what we need to change. 

Let 2013 be a good one. Lets keep learning. Lets keep loving. 

Here are a few memories from 2012:


Rachel Adnyana said...

What a wonderful post! Sounds like you've had an amazing 2012 and such beautiful photos :) Looking forward to more in 2013!

jeands said...

Happy new year, Michelle! I hope your 2013 will be as great as your 2012. And I hope your photography business will continue to flourish as the months pass by. But it will not be a big surprise if it will be as you take great pictures, if only I live around your neck of the woods I will be one of your client of course.

Happy new year and cheers to your 2013!

Tamsin Sibylla Michelle said...

Thank you my lovelies! Always lovely to read your comments! Jeands, if only you were closer! :) Happy new year and love to all xxxx